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Better than liquid make up removers - Lindo lush facial cloth cleans with just water
Lindo Lush Facial Cloth
Lindo Lush Facial Cloth
Item#: GHA-901 lindo lush facial cloth
Regular price: $8.99
Sale price: $6.49

Product Description
Size 6"x6", five colors available.

If you have sensitive skin Lindo lush facial cloth is the best cleaner for you. The microfiber texture with ANGIS treatment works better than any facial cloth or sponge.


-Provides deep cleaning for sensitive skin.

-Removes make up and dead skin with just water.

-Helps prevent acne.

-Treated with ANGIS antibacterial protection so it stays fresh.

-Super soft and gentle so it can be used as a wash cloth for babies and children


-Love this cloth. No need for chemicals to remove eye makeup. Just wet it and it removes all my makeup, even my eye makeup!
-Since I bought my first one, I haven't used anything else. It's compatible with my sensitive skin and is fantastic. I definitely recommend that every woman should try it.
-I'm buying another facial cloth because my teenage daughter "borrowed" it from me. She won't give it back because she loves it, and I do too.
-if you have any feedback please email us and we can post your comments here.